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Order a title review from TitleReporters first.

(Your due diligence ... a clear picture of the title and any defects ... develop your best strategy.)

Middlesex & Suffolk Counties

A review of title requires more than typing a name or an address into Google Search, or any other database. It requires knowledge of what information is important, and where to find it. TitleReporters will quickly conduct a complete search and review, and then compile a comprehensive title report for you in just a few hours.



Who needs this information?

Attorneys.find that our work streamlines and improves the process of organized research and improves their workflow.

Foreclosure Shoppers. who are aware that many documents were created, as needed, to facilitate and support foreclosure litigation.

Off-Market and FSBO Shoppers. when time may be a factor, seeking to validate that the current owner can pay off the mortgage debt and settle outstanding obligations, on time, with the transaction proceeds.

Renters. Who recognize that while there are many excellent landlords, it is still a good idea to make sure that the person they're planning to pay actually owns the property, that it's not at risk of foreclosure, and that the owner has not been sued by previous tenants.

Sellers.who are aware that claims against a property can have been made with no notice to the property owner.



Current Owner

This review of records uncovers documents recorded against the property during the current period of ownership, and liens or judgments against the owner that might attach to the property.

It verifies ownership, lenders owed, and any legal proceedings. Renters, short-sale, and off-market shoppers, all have an interest in a property's title stability.

You receive copies of all relevant documents, the names of the current owners, the recorded description of the property, including easements, restrictions, and outstanding mortgages, or judgments pertaining to the property, or it's owners.



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50-Year Chain-of-Title

This title review is very similar to the Current Owner Review except that it is also a timeline of owners and their activities with the property, from the present to a point at least 50 years back in time.

In addition to deed copies with ownership structures, and legal descriptions, for each conveyance, it looks at documents recorded against the present and prior owners, during their respective periods of ownership, and for a 10+-year period before each came into possession.

All of the relevant information is captured on the Summary Page of TitleReporters' easy-to-follow, attorney-ready, breakdown Report.


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This search and review commences from the date the foreclosed mortgage is made, and tracks forward to the present. It looks at activities of the borrower with the property, as well as activities flowing from the lender.

It involves a careful review of documents ranging from the original mortgage through the securitization process, including the name of the pool, and the cutoff and closing dates (according to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement), and assignments.

Buyers of previously foreclosed properties may remember that auction sales are still subject to challenge even after a property is purchased at auction by a third party.


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